Medicographia No. 100!

by Dr Jacques Servier

With this issue of Medicographia, we are celebrating a very special—dual—anniversary: 30 years and No. 100, of a quarterly medical journal with a circulation of more than 15 000 copies in more than 130 countries. We take special pride, at Servier, in this anniversary. Just look around and count how many other medical journals of this kind—published by a pharmaceutical company and so highly respected by a demanding audience of hospital and community clinicians and institutional researchers—have been able to pass with flying colors this test of time. I personally know of none other. Medicographia stands alone and unchallenged.

We thought it was high time you, our readers, were asked, in an international survey carried out last year, about what you wanted to keep, and what changes would improve the journal. As your replies came in by fax and e-mail, we were both surprised and thrilled to discover that although you thought the journal could do with a facelift to make the layout lighter, simpler, clearer, more colorful, and with somewhat shorter articles, a larger font, and highlights to draw the attention to points of relevance, the very structure itself of Medicographia was still earning unreserved kudos, and that you wanted it to be kept as it was.

This wish met one of our core values more than half way. Indeed, Medicographia is but one example among many of how obsessed we are with excellence in the long term, whether this durability concerns our research and our discoveries, or our partnerships, our projects, our commitments. As a company, we have jealously preserved our independence by resisting the lure of the stock exchange and the tyranny of short-term results driven by quarterly dividends—a freedom that has recently, in this time of turmoil, acquired special meaning. It is that very freedom that enables us to commit to the long term, which is one of the key features of the “Servier style” that is most appreciated by those who have come to rely on our projects, our drugs, and our services to research, the medical community, and the patients who benefit from our therapeutic innovations.

The main reason for Medicographia’s longevity resides in the fact that it offers a unique form of partnership between Servier and field leaders worldwide in giving doctors across all sectors of medicine an overview on a given subject. Few journals currently offer state-of-the-art summaries aimed, not just at specialists in the field, but at all clinicians, allowing them to keep abreast of developments in fields other than their own and remain physicians of the whole person, rather than of a discrete “slice,” whether organ, disease, or specialty. Medicographia could be described as a two-way partnership, since its quality makes it an ambassador of Servier excellence, both to a readership that enjoys a broad sweep of information on a particular topic and to field leaders in university hospitals and public or private research institutions. For them, it serves as a tribune from which, alongside their peers, they can write papers that analyze developments within their specialty with complete editorial independence.

Another aim of the journal, in its own modest way, is to represent France in the eyes of international doctors who are more familiar with a world dominated by the English-language medical press. Medicographia editorials and abstracts are routinely bilingual, in French and English, and each issue features two cultural articles, each profusely illustrated, in the “Touch of France” section. One article touches on the history of medicine, based on a great figure in French medical history, while the other addresses broader topics, such as art, literature, and other aspects of France’s rich cultural heritage.

This is what Medicographia has been offering for 30 years, and, with its new layout and thanks to our readers’ unwavering support, will continue to offer for, we hope, many more years to come.

Yours truly,

Doctor Jacques Servier