About Medicographia



Medicographia is a journal for medical information, international communication and continuing medical education (CME), which has been published by Servier since 1979. It is a quarterly topic-based journal, published in English, with a print run of 8000 copies, distributed in more than 130 countries. It has an international advisory board of more than 50 members. All articles are written by institutional or university hospital researchers of international repute, and are destined for an audience of university hospital clinicians and researchers. Each issue of Medicographia provides state-of-the-art review articles on a single topic in a specific therapeutic field, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and metabolism, oncology, venous disease, or the neurosciences.

Editor in Chief: Pierre Gaillard, MD

Manager, Journal Publications: Catriona Donagh, BAppSc

Publication Director : Frédéric Sesini,  PharmD

Design: Studio DTC

Layout: Myriam Bucquoit and Bernard Crespin

Medicographia is published 4 times a year, by Les Laboratoires Servier – 50 rue Carnot – 92284 Suresnes Cedex – France, and printed by Imprimerie Dridé – Zone industrielle des Chanoux, 49, rue des Frères-Lumière – 93334 Neuilly-sur-Marne Cedex

Printed in France