The evolving landscape of type 2 diabetes

“Diabetes is a serious, chronic disease which now affects 425 million people globally, and it is projected that by 2045 there will be 629 million living with diabetes throughout the world. Factors driving this increase include population growth and ageing and an increase in diabetes risk factors. While every country is affected, 4 out of 5 people with diabetes live in low- or middle-income countries which often do not have adequate resources to provide appropriate care. Type 2 diabetes accounts for around 90% of diabetes and is linked to rapid urbanization, unhealthy diets and a sedentary lifestyle and consequent obesity. While type 2 diabetes occurs most commonly in older adults, it increasingly presents at a younger age including children and adolescents…”(…)

Medicographia n°137

Sulfonylureas and the evolving landscape of type 2 diabetes