Improving outcomes in metastatic colorectal cancer: is there still room for improvement?

“Advanced colorectal cancer treatment has improved substantially in the last 2 decades. Median survival is around 30 months in most recent clinical trials. In addition, a growing percentage of patients with one or few metastases in a single organ can be cured by the combined approach of systemic therapy and surgery, meaning that more than 50% of patients live longer than 30 months; it is not uncommon to see patients who live 5 years and beyond. These results are due to a combination of factors, including the use of a growing number of chemotherapeutic drugs and biologic agents, better surgical procedures for the eradication of metastases and the use of other locoregional procedures, and improved diagnostic imaging helping to earlier diagnose stage 4 disease…”(…)

Medicographia n°136

Enhancing new possibilities in metastatic colorectal cancer