Increase and change in focus of hypertension research in the last decades

Denos and Menard have recently shown that interest in hypertension has grown remarkably over the last 20 years, contrary to the perception that, following the popularity in the second half of the last century, it had declined.
Taking 1997 as a reference, the Web of Science articles on hypertension have increased by almost 60% in 2016, a figure similar to the increase shown by the articles on cardiovascular disease as a whole. The increase has involved most individual countries and all continents (with the steepest slope for Asia and China), with an overall number of approximately 101 000 hypertension articles published in the 1997-2016 period. There has also been a 50% greater representation of hypertension papers among cardiovascular papers with a top 10% citation rate, with a total number of citations greater than two and a half million. This shows that hypertension research is alive and healthy both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Medicographia n°141

Best of Hypertension: past and present